Sunday, January 31, 2016

Guest Post: Holiday Greetings (By Jona)

Hey Dad, I'm sending you a photo to show you how much I'm enjoying my holiday here on Ibiza with my two buddies Eric and John. It's been a blast until now! There's so much to do here!
Thanks again for switching bodies with me! When you proposed to switch identities during the exam period, because you didn't want to do them and because they caused you stress, I wasn't sure if it was the best solution, but I went along with it anyway. I've always done everything for you. Plus, you were looking forward to be a real adult.
How disappointed you were when I told you I was going on holiday with my buds after the exams and I didn't want to change back. You're probably still angry, but changing into your body has made me realise I've sacrificed too much for you these last years. I think I might have spoilt you. So let this be a lesson. You're going to learn what life really is for a out of shape middle-aged man with a beer belly. It's time you learn some real responsibilities, so you don't choose the easy way out of stressful situations, like you did for your exams.
Anyway, cheer up! I'm having the time of my life. And John and Eric are so cute... We've been having non-stop sex ever since we arrived here. Tonight we're going to town. I hope I can land me some handsome Spanish guy to fuck my brains out.
See ya, Dad! Have fun in rainy England!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Guest Post: New Year's Wish (By Jona)

"Now, listen here, sport," my son said as he lifted me in the air, so I was at eye-level, "from now on I'm your dad, and you'll have to do as I say."
"But, son, listen to me," I whined, "it was just a stupid wish. I didn't know that my New Year's wish of wanting less responsibilities would mean we'd change bodies! I want my life back!"
"Now, now, that's enough. You wanted less responsibilities, so that's what you'll have. I'll decide everything for you now, because I'm the dad, and you're just a 7-year-old kid."
"I'm not 7, I'm 32!" I said, violently kicking.
My son became angry. "Hey, you don't kick your dad! That's it, young man. I see I will have to discipline you!"
And before I knew it,  he had me bent over his knee and he was giving me an ass-warming. I cried when his hand slapped my buttocks. Afterwards, he put a sobbing me in front of him.
"Now, have we learnt our lesson?"
I nodded while still sobbing and said: "Yes."
"Yes, who?" asked my son.
"Yes, daddy," I sobbed.
"Good boy," he said, "now, go to your room and stay there for an hour to think about what you did. We don't want this to happen again, do we?" he said sternly.
I shook my head and went to my son's ... no, MY ... room. Dad was very fair with me, and I shouldn't have kicked him. I already felt sorry for having stood up to my daddy.

Sorry Dad

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