Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Need To Concentrate


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    1. What do you like about this post? I'll try to write similar stuff.

    2. I like how it's different from the usual swaps, would love to see a point of view of the son being ejected from the body and his reaction to being in his dad's body, and having such a huge cock, playing with it a bit before going in to punish his "son" for misbehaving ;)

      Would love if you could also write some body possessions ;)

    3. Possessions aren't my usual thing but I'll try to write some in the near future. Thanks!

  2. It'd be awesome if you'd write it from the Son's perspective, being ejected from his own body, how he thought to get into his dad's, the giddy-ness as he thought about being in his dad's body, then the final push into his dad's body as it welcomed him in, being void of a soul. The rush he felt actually being in his dad's older, more mature body. Exploring his new cock before going in, knowing what his dad was doing in his body. You know? I'd write it, but it's not as hot if you write it yourself xP

    please please please!

  3. "It took about a month to get used to this body's hormones, but I finally did it, I'm finally out of my son's body! He's downstairs watching tv in my room, and I knew I was about to get my sweet revenge; watching him come home and drink beer, sending me to bed early, acting like he was the Dad. He was finally going to pay...

    I hovered through the floor and I could see it... My body, but I could hear my voice moaning, and I was in mixed shock and horror as I saw what was happening, my son was stroking -my- cock, and watching porn!

    I immediately slammed into him, and I could see the shock in his face as he realized what was happening; he stopped stroking and began fighting me, trying to keep me out of my body.

    'No Daddy, I don't want to go back! You can't make me!' he managed to say between grunts.

    I just pushed harder, my determination for the humiliation that I had suffered at my own hands... I could feel my body giving way, allowing me back in.

    I let out a moan with my own vocal chords, "It's... Mine! Get out!" I managed to say between struggles, but this wasn't like the last time, my son knew exactly what he was doing as he began trying to push my back out, and suddenly I was struck with an idea; I latched onto his soul, and immediately jerked out, pulling him with me and flew back up to his room, and threw him back into his own body, I could see his spirit's face contort into one of horror as I saw it being drawn back into it's natural habitat... My son clawing to get back out, and I immediately flew back to my body and pushed in; easy this time with no resistance.

    I opened my eyes. I was on my bed! I looked down, and could see that my cock was still rock hard but I didn't care. It was so good to be home! I looked to my personal bathroom's mirror and let out a smirk. I put some clothes back on and marched immediately back upstairs... It was Junior's time to pay..."

    1. Thank you, Curious. I like it very much.

    2. Glad to hear it. I hope that I wasn't imposing.


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