Friday, May 31, 2013

Graduation Is A Time For Change


  1. I felt a cool breeze drift across my face, and I attempted to cuddle closer to Suzanne but she wasn't there. It was Saturday and we didn't have any plans, nor did she work. I felt around, maybe she had moved over a bit more?

    But something felt different, wrong. My sheets were blue but these were green. And they felt different too. I uncovered and looked around the room, it was my old room. I tried to sit up and struggled with the effort, having to take quite a few deep breathes before I was able to sit up entirely.

    I look down to see that sculpted six-pack I had just gotten gone; instead there was a beer gut, and I looked to the mirror to see my old face looking back.

    I saw a note next to the mirror and I picked it up:
    "Thanks for the fun times Carter, I wasn't expecting you to improve my life but you sure showed me! I'll just be taking my body and life back. Enjoy being a fat, college drop-out, loser."

    I burned with anger. I was just happy with the way things were, but nothing I could do... I was rubbing my head and something hurt.

    I noticed a ring that seemed to glow brighter with each increase in my desires...

    Could this be how coach switched us?

    1. Wow! What a nice surprise. I've always loved your writings. Thank you.

    2. That's a nasty little trick. So not cool. I hope he gets his revenge. By the way, was that the Gobi desert at the end of the original??? :) I did the same thing in one of my stories and fortunately Mr. Mitchell picked up on it.


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