Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Muscle Growth Potion


  1. bro where'd you get that potion, i want to be buff like that to, don't think i'd mind the attitude adjustment, you look fucking hot being cocky like that.

    1. Dude i know were you can get this its a spell though. Just go to thevoodoomagickshop.com snd look for it. Get it in the form of a direct casting.Its the real thing bro belive me im gaining so much muscle faster than steroids. Its cheep to. If you have anymore questions contact me at drakenborn.major015.com.

  2. Nice one. Next one could be tiny Asian finding a buffy Latino bodybuilder bodysuit or transforming a Latino bodybuilder into a suit.

  3. On this time many things are available in market for increasing muscle mass and boost energy also metabolic rate and testosterone level in your body. We found Elite Test 360 is the best product to make you perfect that every men dreamed.


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