Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Blog Anniversary

Today my blog marks its first Anniversary.

Here's a brief recap:
Pageviews    379,724
Posts                   310
Comments           255

20 Least Viewed Caps
Strangest Dream
The Rules Of My House 
Time Out 
Second Chance 
Tough Job But Worth It 
Switch At The Airport 
You'll Be An Adult 
Being A Parent Isn't Easy 
I Was Riding My Bike 
Which Tie Should I Wear Today 
Learned My Lesson 
Conversion Therapy 
Curse In The Woods 
Should Have Read The Fine Print 
Should Have Thought Twice 
Can't Take This Anymore 
All Buckled Up 
How To Make Your Boss Like You 
School's A Breeze 

20 Most Viewed Caps
Flexing His New Guns 
The Right Bodies 
You Agreed To The Swap 
Annoying Little Brother 
Beware Of The Remote 
Magic Mirror 
Yeah Whatever 
Used To Be His Size 
First Shower 
Sentenced To Age Regression 
Already Feeling Dumb 
Beware Of The Remote 2 
Dad's Shower 
Dad's Jockstrap 
Bully For A Bully 
Not Now Son 
Locker Room Switch 
Beware Of The Remote 5 
Punishing His Son 
6 Hours 


  1. Congratulations. A milestone...

    The stories are always entertaining. Always have favorites, of course, but you have some very good ideas with each cap. Not easy coming up with stories all the time.

  2. happy birthday!

  3. Woo! *blows party horn and throws confetti* Hope to see many more!

  4. Thank you guys. I really appreciate your kind comments.


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