Thursday, August 4, 2016

4th Blog Anniversary

Today is my blog's 4th anniversary. Thank you for all your support.

Here's a brief recap:
Pageviews    3,374,429
Posts                      656
Comments              950

20 Least Viewed Caps
The Best Gift 
As Helpless As You Are 
Junior Camp 
Better Off This Way 
Too Late To Go Back 
Keeping Up Appearances 
Not An Accident 
Careful What You Wish For 
I'm Late 
All Buckled Up 
Curse In The Woods 
Now What Should I Do 
Uniform Makes The Man 
Coaching Is A Hard Job 
Leave Me Alone 
Always A Catch 
What's The Point Of Hurrying 
Paying His Dues 
What Am I Gonna Do 
The Rules Of My House 

20 Most Viewed Caps
Muscle Growth Potion 
Flexing His New Guns 
The Right Bodies 
Already Feeling Dumb Part 1 
Already Feeling Dumb Part 2 
Sentenced To Age Regression 
6 Hours 
Thinking With His Dick Part 1 
Already Feeling Dumb Part 3 (Hunter's POV) 
Better Than Ever 
Much Happier 
Confused And Horny Part 2 
Played Along With My Baby Brother 
No Fucking Way 
Bully For A Bully 
Possession At Night Part 1 
You Agreed To The Swap 
Confused And Horny Part 1 
Gonna Switch Back Soon - Brian's POV 
iSwitch: Brody, Ryan and Fred Part 1 

P.S. If you have a suggestion or request, please let me know.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I look forward to your new caps every day. Thank you for your efforts and time.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    If you have old fat man pics, I'd LOVE to see a caption of a kid taking something from his grandpa. Anything from clothes, to a pipe, to a present or a piece of his birthday cake, something like that.

    And then he is sentenced to become his fat grandpa because of it. He hates it but can't find a way out.

    Just a thought. love your stuff and happy anniversary!!


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