Sunday, August 3, 2014

Second Blog Anniversary

Tomorrow is my blog's second anniversary.

Here's a brief recap:
Pageviews    1,397,343
Posts                      517
Comments              770

20 Least Viewed Caps
Into The River 
Thought I Would Be A Better Dad 
Two Can Play At That Game 
Coaching Is A Hard Job
Now What Should I Do
What Am I Gonna Do
So Boring
What Have I Done
I'm Late
Why The Kid Was Crying
All Buckled Up
Dad Is Texting Me Again
Uniform Makes The Man
Why Does He Keep Staring At Me
Grass Is Always Greener
Can't Take This Anymore
Conversion Therapy
Want To Be A Kid Again
Best Halloween Ever
Which Tie Should I Wear Today

20 Most Viewed Caps
Muscle Growth Potion
Flexing His New Guns
Already Feeling Dumb Part 1
Thinking With His Dick Part 1
Already Feeling Dumb Part 2
6 Hours
The Right Bodies
Confused And Horny Part 2
Confused And Horny Part 1
Sentenced To Age Regression
You Agreed To The Swap
Annoying Little Brother
Gonna Switch Back Soon - Brian's POV
Bully For A Bully
Yeah Whatever
Beware Of The Remote
Magic Mirror
Gonna Switch Back Soon
Grandpa's Having Fun Part 1
Dad's Shower


  1. Congratulations, and thank you for al your hard work!

  2. congratulations x


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