Saturday, August 8, 2015

Guest Post: Military Upbringing (by Jona)

Nick hated his dad. His dad was an ex-marine and a firm believer in a strong disciplinarian upbringing. His whole childhood long, his dad had kept a tight leash on him and had often spanked him as punishment. This had been a source of conflict with his mother, who didn't believe in that kind of disciplining, and the disagreement had eventually lead to their divorce. 
Even now, at 14, Nick sometimes felt the wrath of his father. Just today he had been grounded for two weeks for not wanting to do the dishes. Two weeks! That's too long! Dad had to know how it felt to be so unjustly punished. That's why he wished they could trade places and that his dad would realize how it felt being powerless against such an authoritarian male.
The next morning he woke up feeling much heavier than he used to remember. What happened? He looked down and saw his muscled arms and hairy chest. His hands touched my head. There was very little hair on it. He rushed to the ensuite bathroom (since when did he have a bathroom in his room?) and looked in the mirror. He saw the reflection of his father staring back at him. He touched his whole body to be sure the refection mimicked the his movements. It did. Then he gave himself a stern look. Yup, there was that piercing stare he knew but all too well. While his was discovering this new reality, he heard a shrill scream and light footsteps running towards him. He saw his old self in the doorway, but even younger than he originally was. The boy standing there must be around seven years old.
"What the fuck happened? What did you do?" he asked furiously.
"Hey Dad, I'm you!" Nick said. "Isn't it great?" Nick smirked.
"No, it's not great, you have to change us the fuck back. I don't want to be a fucking kid."
"Watch your language, young man," Nick said sternly. "A boy your age should not use vulgar words like that."
"I'll do what the fuck I want. I'm an adult!" his father said defiantly.
"All right, I see you won't listen. You'll need to be taught a lesson." He took the little boy in his muscled arms and threw him over his lap and gave his ass a good beating. Damn, that felt powerful! His father winced and screamed as his hand hit the bare cheeks.
"I'm the father now, and you are my SON, understood? I will not have my son have such a foul mouth. I'm going to raise you according to the strict values of the marine corps. You're grounded for two weeks. Now go back to your bedroom and think about what a naughty boy you've been!" Nick was impressed by how strict he sounded, and he loved it! His father looked at him with fear mingled with respect in his eyes.
"Ok," his father said reluctantly.
"Yes, who? You'll address my with Sir, little boy!"
"Yes, Sir" my father answered and he went back to his room, defeated.
Nick smiled and went back in front of the mirror. This was going to be great, he thought. But he'll need to keep up the strict discipline in his house, because he could see the boy was going to take some serious work to make him into a respectable member of the American society.

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