Saturday, August 15, 2015

Guest Post: Trying on all the underwear (By Jona)

My roommate Derek was a jerk. He was very good-looking and had an athlete's body while I was a fairly unnoticeable scrawny guy. And he didn't go out of his way making it clear. He frequently had girls over and he just derided me in front of them. It was so humiliating. Many times I had wished that he could experience how that made me feel. The worst thing was that Derek's body turned me on. He had the most sexy abs. I often jerked off thinking of how it would feel to run my hands over them.
Then one day, I got a mysterious e-mail entitled "Someone has listened". I opened it and I read this cryptic message: "A wish has been uttered, so have no fear. It will bring you closer to what you hold dear." Another one of those spam messages, I shrugged and deleted it instantly, thinking no more of it. I went to bed fantasizing about Derek's body.
The next morning, I woke up invigorated. I scratched my stomach and felt … abs. That's weird. I didn't have abs. I got up and took a look in the mirror. And there I was, or rather there was Derek. Then I recalled the weird e-mail. My wish had come true! I grinned. Next, I heard a scream from the other bedroom, and the door to my room flung upon. There was my body.
"What has happened, Christopher? Why am I in your scrawny body? And why are you in mine?"
"I don't know, Derek. But it seems this is how it's going to be from now on. It seem we're stuck in each other's bodies."
"That can't be! You have to find a way to reverse this! I can't live in this weak body!" Derek exclaimed.
"Listen, dweeb. This is how it's going to be, alright? And you better call me Derek. You don't want anyone to know that it's you in that puny body, now do you?" I was a bit taken aback by the assertive tone of what I said, but I also kind of liked it. It must be the influence of the hot body I was in now.
Derek stood there for a moment, startled, but conceded defeat. "Ok, Derek," he said dejectedly and went back to his room.
I was glowing with confidence I never had. I went to out to the clothes store and got all the nice underwear I never had a chance to wear with my former body. While trying them on in the changing booth, I snapped some pictures and sent them to Derek. He just had to know I was enjoying his body very much. Plus, that way, the guy would have something to jerk off to. His fantasy would be the only way he'll be able to get close to this body ever again, because I was hanging on to his body forever.

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