Thursday, August 13, 2015

Guest Post: No more doing chores (By Jona)

My brother Daniel has always been a bit of a jerk. He always thought he could boss me around, just because I'm seven years younger than he is. I was so jealous of him. He was very handsome and in great shape, while I was a dimply, slightly overweight teenager. He had always been successful at school with the girls, and I was a socially awkward teenager, struggling with being gay. My brother caught me one day looking at gay porn on the computer, and since that day, he was blackmailing me to do all his chores. If I didn't do them, he'd tell dad I was gay. I was so afraid of what might be dad's reaction, that I agreed to the blackmail. But after a few months, I just couldn't stand it anymore. Not only did I have to do all his work around the house, he also started calling me "faggot" in front of his friends. Whenever his friends were around, I had to get them drinks and food, as if I was some kind of servant. I had had enough. I looked for a solution on the Internet, but I couldn't find one, until suddenly, a pop-up appeared. "Having trouble with cruel older brothers?" it said. "Then order NOW!!!". I was intrigued and ordered what seemed to be a little bottle. Two days later, there was a little box in the mail. Luckily, I was the one to get the mail, so I didn't have to answer any questions about what I had ordered. The instructions told me I had to pour half the content of the bottle in my drink and half in the drink of the person I'd want to swap with. So next time my brother asked me to get him a drink, I poured in one half of the liquid and brought it to him. He gulped it down in one shot. Then, I went back to the kitchen and drank a glass of water with the other half of the liquid in it. I waited full anticipation, but nothing happened. "I'm so stupid for being fooled by this Internet scam." I thought by myself, disappointed.
The next morning, I woke up, not feeling quite myself. I somehow felt heavier. I stumbled to the bathroom and was perplexed by the reflection in the mirror. Staring back at me was my brother, or rather, me inside my brother's body. It was so weird. Then I saw my former body standing in the doorway.
"Give me back my body, faggot!" my brother said.
"No way, little brother!" I said.
"Yes way, faggot," he snarled back.
That enraged me. He had to stop calling me a faggot. So I grabbed him in a headlock. "What did you call me?"
"Nothing, nothing," he winced.
"Say you're sorry," I ordered him.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he cried.
"Good. Now go back to your bedroom. I'm not reversing anything. We're staying in each other's bodies, because you need to be taught a lesson."
My brother went back to his bedroom, stomping his feet and with tears in his eyes. Seriously, he can be such a kid sometimes. I put on some clothes and admired my new body in the mirror. I took a selfie and posted it online. I was so proud of this new body.
Since the swap, my life has been so much better. I feel much happier, certainly after I told my parents I was gay. My dad was so supportive. I never thought he would be so understanding. They also scolded my little brother for calling me a faggot and grounded him. Even his – my – friends were cool about it. "No worries, bro, you're still one of our besties!" I'm loving life in this new body!

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