Saturday, August 8, 2015

Guest Post: Stop Complaining (By Jona)

Listen, dad, we've been over this before. We can't change back. The medallion is lost and we're stuck like this. Stop whining like a little boy. But hey, that's what you are from now on, I guess. That means I'd better start calling you SON, since technically you are my son now, and I'm your dad.
You have get prepared for school, son. You said school was easy, so I don't understand why you keep on nagging about not wanting to go. Get dressed now! You don't see me complaining about having to go and do your work now, don't you? I'm already fully dressed and ready to go. Daddy needs to drive you to school and needs to be on time at work. If you're not dressed within the next fifteen minutes, you'll get a spanking, BOY! Now move!
Dad went to my room (well, technically his room now) to get dressed. Little did he know I hid the medallion in the attic, where he's forbidden to go. I'm never changing back. Being an adult is great! And damn, I look great in a suit!

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