Sunday, August 2, 2015

Third Blog Anniversary

The day after tomorrow, August 4, is my blog's third anniversary.

Here's a brief recap:
Pageviews    2,429,068
Posts                      587
Comments              890

20 Least Viewed Caps
This Beer Tastes Good 
Tough Job But Worth It 
Karma's A Bitch 
The Prom King 
The Price Of Curiosity 
Time Out 
Should Have Read The Fine Print 
Stay Together 
Living The Dream 
Being A Parent Isn't Easy 
So Easy To Fool A Kid 
Who's Playing Dress Up Now 
It Really Worked 
Just Shut Up And Put Up With It 
Switch At The Airport 
Have To Ride A Bike 
Should Have Thought Twice 
Should've Been More Careful 
Be Careful When Babysitting 
Biker Dad 

20 Most Viewed Caps
Muscle Growth Potion
Flexing His New Guns
Already Feeling Dumb Part 1
Already Feeling Dumb Part 2
6 Hours
Sentenced To Age Regression
The Right Bodies
Confused And Horny Part 2
Confused And Horny Part 1
Bully For A Bully
Already Feeling Dumb Part 3 (Hunter's POV)
You Agreed To The Swap
Played Along With My Baby Brother
Gonna Switch Back Soon - Brian's POV
Possession At Night Part 1
Annoying Little Brother
iSwitch: Brody, Ryan and Fred Part 1
Beware Of The Remote
Maybe Later
Better Than Ever


  1. Three years on and still my favorite TF site! I still love some of those stories, especially "6 Hours", "Already Feeling Dumb" and "Played Along With My Baby Brother". More like them would never go amiss!

    Here's to another three years!

  2. Hey, thank you both. I don't have much time these days but I'll post as often as I can.

  3. So are guest posts a thing now? I've been contemplating doing a few captions myself.

    1. Send me an email at if you'd like.


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