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  1. Hey Trevor, would you do me a HUGE FAVOR and continue this story, with images where the author left off? I've been waiting forever for a sequel but it's never come from Dirk Steel :*(

    "Becoming Matt (story + photo)
    by Dirk Steel

    Going to college was great, and having a place to stay off-campus was even better. But having Matt as a roommate was really starting to get on my nerves. I was so sick of Matt strutting around the apartment like he owned the place. He was one of those typical jocks that had the stunning good looks, and a fantastic physique that came to him with barely any effort on his part. And if that wasn't enough, he was blessed with a 10-inch piece of meat that any man would envy.

    As usual he was walking around the apartment in the nude, knowing full well that I was drooling over ever square inch of his body. Since Matt was straight, I always thought it was weird that he would intentionally parade around in front of an openly gay man like he did. I think he got off on the idea that another man, especially a gay man, wanted his body so badly. Half the time he would walk around with a full erection brought on by my constant staring.

    The most annoying part was that he took it all for granted. He wasn't the least bit grateful that he had the square jaw, the perfect teeth, the amazing body that he didn't really work hard to get, and of course his huge dick that was almost twice as big as mine.

    I was glad that my friend Brian wanted to help me get back at Matt. His grandmother dabbled in tarot readings, magics and potions. I told Brian what I wanted to do, and he asked his grandmother if there was a potion that could make it happen. I was surprised the next day when Brian brought over a glass jar filled with a greenish colored liquid. The instructions were scribbled on a label stuck on the lid, "Mix this liquid with another. Give it to the other man. Wait 30 minutes. Then put him on." Huh? Put him on? What did that mean, I wondered. Whatever. I was hoping it might just knock him out so I could so I could have my way with Matt without him pummeling me. So anything more than that would be a bonus.

    Slipping the liquid into something he drank was easy. Matt loved lifting dumbbells, pumping up his biceps rock hard. Then flexing in front of me to see my reaction. Right after he'd guzzle down his Gatorade. So while I heard him pumping his iron, I casually walking into the kitchen, grabbed the Gatorade from the fridge and poured in the potion.

    Right on schedule, Matt came over to show me his pumped up arms. He always had this cocky grin on his face. Like he knew I could never have arms that large no matter how hard I worked out. He was right of course. Being 3 inches shorter than him, and weighing 50 pounds less. There was no way I'd ever have arms like those. For Matt, that was the biggest turn on of all. He knew I wanted to grab those biceps and feel what it was like to have that kind of powerful body.

    1. (continued)
      Matt opened the fridge and took his Gatorade out. He twisted off the cap, and swigged down the contents of the bottle in a few seconds. "Man I feel great!", he muttered. "I'm gonna do 30 on the treadmill, then take a shower." I could hear him grunting and stomping on the treadmill as the programmed workout got more intense. I was getting more anxious wondering if the potion I gave him was going to have any effect on him. Finally I heard the treadmill turn off after it's program completed. Matt walked in breathing heavily. He was toweling off the sweat that was trickling down his muscled body. In between his stilted breath, Matt managed to say, "I don't know what's wrong. I feel really stiff and sore, like it's getting harder and harder to move my muscles." "Really Matt, that's strange. You usually feel more loose and energized after a workout?", I said. Trying not to look too guilty. "Yeah, maybe I need some more Gatorade?" "No Matt, I think you had just the right amount.", I said slyly. Matt started to make his way over to the fridge. But as he walked I could see he was getting slower and slower. What should have been a 5 second trip, was turning into a minute journey. Finally, it became so difficult for Matt to move that he just froze in place. He looked just like a Greek statue. Broad shoulders, narrow waist, nice tight butt, lean muscular legs. A perfect specimen. I walked around to the front of him. His eyes were tightly closed, his chest and abs were rigid like steel. His dick was fully erect and rock hard. It was if his entire body had been "turned on" at maximum output, but he had no control over it.

      Matt never looked hotter than he did right now. I was about to "feel up" his amazing body, when I noticed the skin on his back started to move. Slowly a ridge began to form down his spine. It began to swell on both sides, as the space between the ridges started to recede inside his body. "What the hell?", I said under my breath. After about a minute the swelling stopped. I could clearly see a long ridge that went from the base of his neck, down to the crack of his ass. I slowly moved my hand over it. As I did, Matt's body began to rock back and forth. Quickly I grabbed his shoulders to stop him from falling over. It barely took any effort to get him balanced again. It felt like he only weighed 20 or 30 pounds. I was completely baffled why he was suddenly so light. Then I noticed when I repositioned him that the seam down his back had opened up part of the way. Matt was hollow inside!

    2. (continued)
      "Oh my God! What happened to Matt!?", I yelled. "How could a potion make the inside of Matt vanish like that?", I thought to myself. "This can't be happening. I've got to figure out what to do." I ran over to the empty jar that held the potion to reread the label. "...wait 30 minutes, then put him on". "Put him on? Matt was now a hollow shell of skin. Did Brian's grandma mean that I should put Matt's body on like he was some sort of costume? My mind was reeling. Was this even possible? Normally I would have said no, but that was before I saw Matt frozen in place with a seam down his back. Before I call Brian, I thought I'd better check out this out a little more thoroughly.

      I picked Matt up by the waist and carried him into my bedroom. I couldn't believe someone so large could be so light. I laid him down on the bed face first, so his back was exposed to me. I carefully slid my hands along the ridges in Matt's back. After a few moments I was staring at an opening about 2 feet long. I cautiously felt the inside of him. It was smooth and slick like a wet suit. The whole thing was so bizarre. I was actually feeling the inside of my roommate's body! I wasn't sure what to do. But I had this strange feeling that I needed to take off my clothes right now. Without even realizing it, I had stripped down. I was standing there naked, staring at the opening on Matt's back. It got to the point that I couldn't control myself any longer. It was if a magnet were drawing me closer and closer. I felt compelled to put myself inside Matt's body.

      I pulled the opening wider until it was wide enough for me to slip my legs inside. After a little bit of maneuvering, they went in easily. I felt my toes line up with Matt's. Then I grabbed my dick and inserted it into the hollowed out shaft of Matt's dick. My dick was a lot shorter, so I just inserted it as far as it would go. Then I grabbed Matt's balls and press them up against my smaller balls. I felt them lock into position. I pulled the upper part of Matt's torso towards me and slipped my arms into their proper place. Matt's torso and arms were longer than mine, so I could feel the skin folding over itself. My fingers finally reached the end of Matt's fingers. Then I pulled Matt's head over mine. My mouth, nose and eyes seemed to line up perfectly with Matt's. I opened my eyes, and Matt's opened too. But I didn't feel any differently. It was just me, laying naked on a bed, sweating inside what felt like a weird wet suit. I got up off the bed and made my way to the bathroom.

      I turned on the light and looked at myself in the mirror. There looking back at me was a 3-inch shorter version of Matt. Everything about him looked smaller. His legs were shorter, his torso, even his arms were shorter. Because his body was draped over my smaller frame his skin was sagging everywhere. Even his face didn't look right. Matt's angular features were missing. His high cheekbones and square jaw were replaced by my rounder face from underneath. The whole thing looked ridiculous. I'm sure if I could see my face through Matt's, I'd see myself blushing from embarrassment. As exciting and thrilling as this adventure wasto begin with, now it felt like a big waste of time.

    3. (continued...)
      Before I slipped out of Matt's skin, I figured I'd take one last look at his backside. I twisted my upper body and caught a glimpse of Matt's ass. It looked pretty hot from this unique perspective. "Damn. I can't believe I went to all this trouble for nothing... and now I'm not even sure when or if Matt's ever going to become solid again! Brian's grandma is pretty fucked up to put me through all of this. I better take Matt off and give Brian a call." I was about to pull myself out of Matt's skin when I noticed the seam in the back was beginning to close. "Ah, shit... my feet!" I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my feet and ankles. My feet were aching and the muscles felt like they were on fire. "What the fuck is going on?!" I looked down and stared at Matt's feet. I wiggled my toes, and Matt's toes wiggled back. My feet were now as long as Matt's. In fact it felt like my feet had merged with Matt's and now I was wiggling what were now my toes... not a costume! "Holy crap, my feet have grown bigger! " I glanced up at my back. The opening was almost sealed now. "I've got to make this stop! I need to get out of Matt's body right now!" But it was too late. The ridge on Matt's back completely vanished. The pain and burning that was in my feet was now in my legs. "Ahhh! Oh, God it hurts!" I could feel my legs stretching taller, my calves and thighs getting bigger. I could see myself growing in height as I looked in the mirror. "I don't believe it! I can't be getting -- ahhh!" My stomach started cramping up. I looked down at Matt's ripped abs and knew that my pudgy stomach underneath was being transformed to match his body. I felt my stomach being pulled into my torso, as if I were sucking in my stomach and tightening it. Except I wasn't able to relax my muscles. They kept getting tighter and tighter. "Ungh... ahhh... oh fuck!" It felt like I had done thousands of sit-ups in a matter of seconds. My abs were now lined up with Matt's and had merged with his skin. Then the burning moved to my dick and balls. My already erect penis began to stretch longer and wider. My balls were flooded with Matt's sperm and quickly grew to match the size of his balls. "Oh yeah... this feels awesome!" My dick was now 10-inches long and was hard as a rock. I could see precum oozing from the tip. The burning sensation gradually moved to my upper torso. Knowing how narrow my shoulders were compared with Matt's, I had a feeling this wasn't going to be as pleasant as my dick enlargement... and I was right. The pain was extreme. "Oh, fuck! Ohhhh... shiiiit!" My ribcage began to widen as my chest got thicker and larger. My spine stretched taller. Now my body was as tall as Matt's. My lats filled in, and my shoulders became rounder and more muscular. The heat flowing through my body, made its way down my arms. Before I could take my attention away from my upper-body merging with Matt's skin, my biceps and triceps swelled with muscle. Just as fast, my forearms and hands grew to match his larger proportions. "Jesus! My arms are fucking huge!" Then I felt the heat move into my face. As if my face were made out of molding clay, it began to reform itself into Matt's image. My round jaw became square in an instant. My cheekbones moved up my face and became more angular. My brow thickened, my eyes narrowed, my nose was now Roman, my jaw widened, my teeth straightened, my scalp merged with Matt's as my hair was replaced with his. The pain and burning finally subsided. The transformation was complete. I was now Matt.

      *to be continued*"


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